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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of food allergies. Can I eat here safely?

Yes, of course!

Our ‘friendly’ menu includes options for lactose free, gluten free, vegan, egg free, and sugar free. We’re very proud to offer different foods for different needs because we know that good nutrition is different for everyone. But you don’t have to compromise on taste or quality at Wholesome & Bean!

Please note, though, our kitchen will contain traces of most allergens, so please check with us if you have anaphylaxis allergies and are sensitive to even micro quantities of a food.

Wholesome & Bean has a chef who specialises in vegan deliciousness! You will love our locally sourced, fresh, seasonal vegan food!

Yes, children are welcome.

We are located at 16 Thompson Street in Bowen Hills. We are situated alongside The Banyans Medical Centre, The Banyans Specialist Clinics, and The Banyans Health Plus.

The Bowen Hills Train Station is located within a five minute walking distance to Wholesome & Bean.  There are also numerous bus services along Abbotsford Road in addition to the Inner Northern Busway, which runs from the nearby Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital at Herston. The closest Brisbane River Ferry terminal is located 2km away at Teneriffe.

Parking is easy at Wholesome & Bean! We have 125 free car parks that you can use if you’re heading to our café, The Banyans Medical Centre, The Banyans Specialist Clinics, or The Banyans Health Plus.  Disabled car parking is also available.

Yes, Wholesome & Bean has wheelchair access via a ramp at the entrance. Please ask our friendly staff to accommodate you if you need help creating a space for the wheelchair either inside or outside.

Wholesome & Bean is open for walk-ins and we also take bookings. Please make your booking online.

Yes, we love furry friends.  Please keep your dog on a leash in the outside dining area, and we ask you to supervise your dog at all times.

Yes, we are not a vegan café. We offer meat and fish options daily in addition to our vegan menu.  We aim to have something for everyone, no matter what you like to eat.

We do! We will have a range of premium dairy free milks to choose from including soy and almond milk. We also serve non-vegan coffee. We aim to have something available for everyone at Wholesome & Bean.

We do! You can have any type of coffee you like with animal milk or vegan-friendly varieties.

We do! Please ask our friendly staff for organic coffee, organic milk etc, if that’s your preference.

Here at Wholesome & Bean, we understand we’re all human, and occasionally we need little pleasures and indulgences.  Sweet treats (including chocolate!) are on the menu.

Life’s too short not to drink good coffee, and that’s why we’ve chosen three blends to suit all coffee preferences – one perfect for espresso and black coffee, one perfect for milk coffees, and one connoisseur premium coffee for those looking for something extra special!

Our beans are sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea and are medium roasted, so they do all the talking with real flavour!

We do. In all aspects of our business – from sourcing local food through to our packaging – it’s important to us to do our bit for the planet, wherever we can.

Yes. We are all busy these days, but it’s important to eat well. That’s why we are very happy to cater for walk-ins and takeaway including pre-prepared meals. Wholesome & Bean also provides a catering service.

Yes. Please check with our staff for login details.

Yes, we do. Click on our “LINK” to purchase a gift voucher or purchase in store.

Yes, we do. Click on our “LINK” to purchase a gift voucher or purchase in store.

Absolutely! We love random acts of kindness here at Wholesome & Bean.

No, we are an alcohol-free café, although we have an abundance of delicious non-alcoholic beverages on our menu.

Yes, we would love you to spread the word! Please use tag us at @wholesomeandbean so we can acknowledge your photo and use hashtag #wholesomeandbean

Still have questions?

If you cannot find answers to your questions in our FAQ, you can always contact us on We will answer you shortly!