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Wholesome and Bean – a food philosophy for life

Wholesome and Bean – a food philosophy for life

07 Jul 2021

Our Food Philosophy

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Mary Poppins

Our Clinical Nutritionist Lisa Cutforth is not a purist – she’s a nutritionist and a foodie.  She believes we should “eat to nourish most of the time, and eat to indulge some of the time”.  And in the same breath, you will also hear her say: “Healthy food should taste good because life’s too short not to eat good food!”

Wholesome & Bean has been designed with these principles in mind.  We have an abundance of delicious nourishment on the menu for the health conscious, and a share of decadent indulgences on offer for those moments when you’re just looking for something to tickle your tastebuds or lift your spirits.

“Coffee – the favourite drink of the civilised world.” Thomas Jefferson

If you’re going to drink coffee, drink great coffee less often.

A well-timed, well-made, great-tasting coffee is one of life’s richest pleasures… and may even have a sneaky health benefit if consumed in moderation.  We love good coffee. It’s definitely got a seat at our table.

Eat consciously, slowly, deliberately. Eat to nourish, but not at the expense of taste or the planet.  Keep your compensations just ahead of your indulgences.  Share meals and occasions with friends, family, and colleagues.  Eat wholesome food, and only drink great coffee.

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