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What is a ‘Friendly’ Menu?

What is a ‘Friendly’ Menu?

07 Jul 2021

Inclusive, honest, trustworthy and nurturing

A ‘friendly menu’ is a menu designed to be inclusive, honest, trustworthy, and nurturing.


The menu at Wholesome & Bean is designed to meet a range of dietary needs – including vegan friendly, lactose-free friendly, gluten intolerance friendly, paleo friendly – whoever you are, and however you like to eat, we want to be able to provide something you can eat and enjoy on our menu.

Our menu will have items that are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, lactose free, meat free, fish free, and low FODMAP.

Trustworthy and nurturing

Wholesome & Bean cares for our planet: Our menu is planet friendly and conscious.

Wholesome & Bean cares for you: Our menu is designed to consider your health and is not just driven to improve our bottom line.

We won’t take shortcuts with artificial products, preservatives, and flavours – you will be able to trust that our food is made from scratch from natural ingredients.

Yes, sometimes we’ll use sugar, sometimes we’ll use fats, sometimes we’ll use stevia, but you can trust that our menu is the friendliest around when it comes to looking after you, the planet, your preferences, your needs, and your loved ones.

Open for Walk-Ins, Takeaway & Delivery

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