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What is Wholesome & Bean?

What is Wholesome & Bean?

07 Jul 2021

More than just a cafe

While cafes have long provided an essential refuge in hospitals, never before in Brisbane has one been operated in a medical centre by its own practising nutritionist.

Wholesome & Bean, owned by The Banyans Healthcare Group and managed by its Clinical Nutritionist Lisa Cutforth, is setting a whole new, wholesome standard when it comes to your morning “pick me up” coffee or the “biding my time before my appointment” nourishing breakfast or refreshment.

Offering only fresh, nourishing and, most importantly, delicious meals and snacks, Wholesome & Bean is a reflection of Lisa’s extensive experience as both a nutritionist, foodie and cook with each menu item thoughtfully designed to provide life-enhancing benefits to its consumers.

The café brings a taste of The Banyans to the wider population.

“My chefs and I understand the power of food to delight people and bring them together, but also the power of food to restore health. Every body needs good nutrition to deal with whatever they are facing at that time,” Lisa says.

“We’ve concentrated on providing food for a wide variety of dietary requirements and nutritional needs because we know food is an essential ingredient in holistic health care and doing life well.”

Situated alongside The Banyans Medical Centre, The Banyans Specialist Clinics, and The Banyans Health Plus (which provides day programs for mental health, substance dependency, and general wellbeing), the café was a very deliberate inclusion in this medical precinct.

“Nowadays the importance of good nutrition when it comes to achieving and maintaining good physical health is widely accepted, but there is increasing evidence that it is also key to mental wellbeing as well as recovery from substance dependency,” Lisa says.

“Given The Banyans’ focus on holistic care, having a café that could provide this key recovery ingredient didn’t just make sense, it was absolutely necessary.”

Meals and treats offered at the café, which is located in Bowen Hills in Brisbane’s inner-northern suburbs, will be made from whole, seasonal, local, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure high quality provisions for the more discerning public. As an added bonus, great coffee is available.

The impressive menu selection aims to nourish the body without neglecting taste.

“Nutritious food should taste great, and it doesn’t need to be boring. We definitely haven’t compromised on taste and my talented chefs’ plates are proof of this,” Lisa says.

Wholesome & Bean’s Head Chef Lara is a qualified pastry chef, and also has a passion and flare for vegan and plant-based food. The menu reflects this passion and includes highlights of delicious nourish bowls, a build-your-own-bagel bar, a daily salad bar, and wonderful cakes and treats including Lara’s signature chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

The extensive menu selection also includes many options for customers with various allergies and intolerances.

Lisa named the cafe Wholesome and Bean to reflect its combination of great tasting coffee with wholesome cuisine, and to incorporate her philosophy of balancing eating to nourish with eating for pleasure. She’s not saying coffee is healthy, but she definitely thinks it has its place in a wholesome approach to life.  And life is too short not to eat good food and great coffee!

“We want Wholesome and Bean to become a sanctuary, an oasis in the city, for people to come to not just fill their stomachs, but to escape from their busy day, and rest and restore,” she says.

“We want it to be a place where people visit to re-gather their thoughts, nourish their bodies with food as nature intended, and create a pause before refocusing on the work ahead.”

The café also offers a catering service that can be called on to help celebrate an occasion or be inspired to meet, greet, and connect.

As a clinical nutritionist, Lisa knows when people eat well and have a diet rich in wholefoods, they are more productive, sleep better, and recover from illness or accidents more quickly.  And they have better physical health and mental health.

Research has clearly shown diet and nutrition influence sleep quality, while eating wholefoods enables the vast array of nutrients to act together to best fuel the body. A 2014 Yale University analysis found “a diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention”.

Wholesome & Bean is the latest in a string of nutrition-related businesses for Lisa, who also runs Wholesomeness Meal Delivery, a home delivery healthy meal service that provides Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts with the best in convenient nutrition.

Lisa will also consult with clients at The Banyans Specialist Clinics to provide one-one-one dietary advice.

Wholesome & Bean is open seven days a week from 7am-6pm on weekdays and from 7am-2pm on the weekends.

Indulge Wholesomely… we look forward to serving you.

To order from Wholesome & Bean’s delicious menu, click here. To make an appointment to see Lisa as a private client, click here.  

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